Sunday 18 July 2010

5 Useful Audio Apps For Ubuntu Linux

For a long while Linux seemed a bit lacking in good audio apps, but it's improved so much in a short space of time and it's getting better all the time. Here I've gathered the necessary apps to get your music ripped, tagged, edited and played.

Audex CD Ripper

I've trawled the net for a good CD ripper on Linux and they all seem to be not quite what I want. Basically, I'd like a CDex for Linux. CDex sort of works under Wine but has trouble with the DVD drive sometimes locking it for other apps once I've closed it. I've found Audex to be the closest to it, plus it has album art downloading which CDex hasn't got. It is a KDE app so theres some KDE dependancies, but it looks and works fine on the Gnome desktop.

Audex is available from the Ubuntu repositories or from their site as source code.

Also consider: Sound Juicer, Rubyripper, Rhythmbox (a player that and rips)

Puddletag Mp3 Tag Editor

This is a relatively new app but it's quite well featured. It's loosely based on the Mp3tag available on Windows it is a good Linux alternative to it. I really like the Filename --> Tag and Tag --> Filename conversion it shares with Mp3tag, which other Linux apps generally lack. Another good conversion is it's case conversion which Mp3tag doesn't have. It's almost there, I only occasionally find my self going back to Mp3tag in Wine.

Download and installation instructions

Also consider EasyTag, Audio Tag Tool, Picard all available from the Ubuntu repos and Mp3tag under Wine.

  • Update 29/08/10: I have since found EasyTag to be more reliable and stable than Puddletag. EasyTag is very good, once you get used to the way it works.

Audacity Audio Editor

This really needs no introduction, it's probably the best free audio editor on any OS! It does look a bit different here due to my Ubuntu theme.

It's available from the Ubuntu repositories and from the Audacity site

Also consider: Traverso, LMMS, amongst others.


This is great GUI (Graphical User Interface) to the commandline mp3gain, vorbisgain and aacgain volume normalisation tools. Again, I used to use the Windows version of Mp3gain in Wine but having found EasyMP3Gain in the Ubuntu repos, I've switched and found it a lot quicker!

Also consider: Mp3gain under Wine.


For a long time I kept switching between various music players on Linux trying to find one that worked best for me. I used to be an Amarok fan before Amarok 2 came along, even by then it didn't really fit in with the Gnome desktop I'd switched to. I switched to Gnome having had so much trouble with Kubuntu, it always felt like Ubuntu's neglected brother. Having been recommended by a fellow Blogger user, Apocrypha, I tried Gmusicbrowser, and have found it to be lighter but feature-rich. It has good tagging support like Foobar on Windows and I like it's tray pop-up that gives you easy access to the controls. Unlike Rhythmbox, you can just hover over the icon. And the full controls are there, rather than just play/pause in Rhythmbox. The only thing Gmusicbrowser could do with is better USB device support.

Gmusicbrowser is available to install from the Ubuntu repos.

Also consider: Rhythmbox, Banshee, Foobar under Wine, and various others, just try them out, it costs you nothing but time!

And there we go, from ripped to playing, I think we have it covered!


Evan said...

Hi there. I'm one of the persons involved in puddletag's development (not the coding aspect) and as we're always seeking to improve it I'm keen to understand what aspects you were referring to when you said "It's almost there, I only occasionally find my self going back to Mp3tag in Wine."


Carl Draper said...

Well one problem i get is that for some reason on my laptop, when i try to click on something to select it the app suddenly goes full screen and won't let me do anything, it's possibly conflicting with Compiz.

Right this minute, I just went to open it on my desktop (Ubuntu 10.0.4 64bit) and it doesn't load. On the CLI i get:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/local/bin/puddletag", line 102, in
win = MainWin()
File "/usr/local/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/puddlestuff/", line 252, in __init__
File "/usr/local/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/puddlestuff/", line 417, in restoreSettings
status['genres'] = genres.load_genres()
File "/usr/local/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/puddlestuff/", line 11, in load_genres
return [unicode(z.strip()) for z in open(filepath, 'r').readlines()]
UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xc3 in position 2: ordinal not in range(128)
Segmentation fault

Evan said...

Thx for the feedback, could you let me kow what version you've installed (svn or tarball) and dependency versions also.

Carl Draper said...

Is it possible to find out the version from the commandline? On the laptop as soon as I go to click any menu item it goes into full screen and the menus disappear!

Carl Draper said...

Oh and as far as I remember I think I installed a tarball from SVN I think, as it does not appear in Synaptic.

Carl Draper said...

update: Just removed the existing version and installed from the PPA and i still get the same problem on my laptop.

Evan said...

If you launch it as a terminal app or from within a terminal window the version and build number is visible in the terminal window.

svn doesn't contain a tarball - sounds like you may have downloaded the tarball, which is an older build. latest svn is 0.9.3, Revision: 209, get it via svn co puddletag.

The launch issue you're experiencing should be fixed in the next build. Not sure what the PPA was built from as we've not created it.

re the fullscreen issue, quit puddletag, remove ~/.puddletag, download latest build from svn and try launching.

Carl Draper said...

I've started using EasyTag rather than Puddletag. EasyTag is very good, once you get used to the way it works, and seems to be more reliable and stable at the moment.

audiomuze said...

There's an official .deb for you now at

Carl Draper said...

Thanks, I'm still having a few problems with it like the open folder dialogue just remains blank. I've pretty much given up on it, I'm fine with using Mp3tag under WINE.

audiomuze said...

Rather than give up your assitance reporting on the issues you're experiencing would be greatly appreciated. That way you and other users that may be experiencing the same issue(s) benefit, as does puddletag.

Please take the time to post about your issues here:

Promise resolution will be quick and painless :-)

Carl Draper said...

I've now settled on Entagged ( and Easytag for mp3 tagging :)