Saturday 14 May 2011

Synchronize Tomboy Notes With UbuntuOne on Fedora and other Linux Distros

Having installed Fedora 14 on my Dell Latitude (after finding Ubuntu had issues with the i915 graphics, causing freeze-ups and random reboots) I was only missing a couple of little things I liked from Ubuntu. Firstly I really like the Hotot Twitter client but I cannot get it to run properly in Fedora, and have resorted to using the Chrome/Chromium App version for now. Secondly I missed having my Tomboy notes synced with UbuntuOne. Now this I was able to resolve with the following steps. The steps to set-up Tomboy Notes on Ubuntu can be found here. These steps are similar but with some slight modifications.

1. First install Tomboy as root if it is not already installed with "yum install tomboy" or selecting it in System, Add/Remove Software and clicking Apply.

2. Run Tomboy Notes either from the menu or a run dialogue with tomboy.

3. In Tomboy, go to Edit, Preferences, Synchronisation

4. In the Service drop-down box, select Tomboy Web

5. In Server, type:

6. Select Connect and it will open a browser for it to authenticate in UbuntuOne, you may need to login and you'll need to give it name.

7. If all is well you should be able to click Synchronise and we're done :)


Unknown said...

Thanks for this. I can now use the notes both in my fedora and ubuntu laptops.

Alexandre said...

fedora ubuntu and windows 4 me :D


Redsandro said...

This simply does not work in Fedora 15. I tried it sitting down, standing up, squinting, during the day or during the night.. What is the magic trick for this?

All day, all night, "Could not connect to server, try again" even though the notes pages is open in the browser right now.

Carl Draper said...

It did work at the time of writing but I've had similar trouble syncing with anything other than Ubuntu at the moment, I have Conboy (a clone of Tomboy) on my Nokia N800 and it used to work but I'm getting the same errors as you.

Redsandro said...

Weird. I can sync Conboy on my Nokia N900 just fine. Same for Tomboy on Debian. Fedora is a pain, but at least your N800 should work. Maemo is Debian-based.