Wednesday 21 May 2014

Google Camera is now working for CM11 on my Galaxy S3!

Ever since I originally installed the M6 Snapshot of CyanogenMod 11 on my Galaxy S3, the stock camera would work reasonably well, but Google Camera would not work, even if I flashed the Zip. It would take one photo, lockup and the camera would be locked, so needing a reboot. The previous Nightly fixed the crashing launcher problems but made the stock camera inoperable and I got used to using A Better Camera instead, and although it is very good, I really missed taking proper Photospheres.

Thankfully I have just installed the latest Nightly build, 20140521, and Google Camera now works flawlessly! This also means I can finally try out Lens Blur too. I should say this version of Google Camera does not have HDR so I will still use a Better Camera sometimes, it takes fantastic HDR shots. Anyway, this has made me a happy bunny!

(Forgive the photo of my screen, I need to go outside and take photos when it's light!)

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