Saturday 18 June 2022

Portable Dreams... YouTube Channel For Older Portable & Handheld Gaming

I have had a YouTube channel for over a decade and it has gone through various topics and changes, but the last 18 months I have revamped it and honed in on my passion for portable and handheld gaming. The biggest change is a recent rename to ‘Portable Dreams’ to give it a bit of branding.

I am a big fan and a collector of Nintendo DS consoles, with the majority of my videos focusing on these wonderful Nintendo portables – which is my main passion – but I do also talk about the Sony PSP, Sony PS Vita and even the NeoGeo Pocket range.

I have always been a fan of handheld games machines. Growing up I immersed myself in my GameBoy – it was just mine and I could shut the world out. That is what I like about portable consoles, there is no sharing. It might sound selfish but it was a way of escaping.

I carried this through into the Nintendo DS era and just loved them. I love older consoles, I’m not really into the latest systems. I wouldn’t class myself as a retro fan either – although I do play a lot of GameBoy and GameBoy Color games - just a fan of older consoles. The Nintendo DS hasn’t reached retro stage just yet.

So my channel covers console reviews, fixes to common issues, mods, tips, emulation, general talk, game reviews and homebrew.

So if you share an interest, are just curious or want to support a growing channel, then check out Portable Dreams.

Written by Simon Royal. Follow me at