Thursday 6 November 2008

Ubuntu 8.10 - the good the bad and the ugly: first impressions

The latest Ubuntu release, Intrepid Ibex is out now, but is it any good? Well, my first impressions are a mixed bag.

The Good...

Hardy Heron's Samba problems seem to have been sorted I think and Ibex ships with the latest edition of Firefox. The new Guest user is a great new feature that i've been wanting for ages, and encrypted folders are a good thing. Nautilus now has tabbed browsing at last, now it just needs split pane like konqueror...

The Bad

A friend of mines Lexmark Z1380 printer still doesnt work, even the PDF print feature doesn't work either, this seems to be a CUPS problem. I don't like the new network manager, I accidentally left a test machine without a network connection because it was so tricky to set up (although i could edit /etc/interfaces manually...), maybe I'll get use to it in time...

..and the Ugly

The new brown theme is not much of an improvement over the old one so it's still the first thing I'd change on a new install, unless you like brown.

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