Sunday 8 January 2012

My HTC Hero Feels Like New Again!

I have recently reinstalled CyanogenMod 7 on my HTC Hero, since it was so bogged down with background apps that the battery life was about 4 hours! It now feels like a new phone again and I've held back on the amount of apps that run in the background, and I have not installed Facebook or Twitter as I can kill two birds with one app by using Seesmic, which is less resource hungry than either of them. I'm also using the lightest launcher I could find, Zeam, which does what I need it to do. I like the way the dock works on it, having six visible items plus more that are hidden.

Apps wise I've switched from Cubed to PowerAmp, which runs much more smoothly on my Hero and has some nice features, it always pauses when I remove the headphones and to skip tracks you swipe back or forth on the album art.

QuickPic is now my preferred photo viewer, as it is nice and quick, and works well. I've also added a few more interesting apps like TransDroid torrent client which I use to access Deluge on my server. You can add, delete, pause and search for torrents and can also access Transmission amongst many other clients. I've also found some great remote access app like AirDroid that allows you to control your phone via web browser on your PC and Droid VNC Server for VNCing into your phone! Also another great app for managing apps and settings is Elixir 2.

Update 24/02/12 I have switched music players again, to MortPlayer, which does most of what Poweramp does with less resources and is completely free too.


Unknown said...

Hi- What performance settings should be employed on HTC Hero Cyannogenmod 7 for optimum performance??

Carl Draper said...

I haven't tweaked CM7 much really, using a lightweigh launcher like Zeam does make a difference though