Sunday 30 December 2012

Even as 2012 Ends, My Powerbook G4 Is Still Useful!

I have recently upgraded the RAM in my 1ghz TiBook to 1GB from 512MB, it makes so much difference to the performance of both OSX Leopard and Xubuntu 12.04. I'm using it more than my main laptop (a Dell Latitude D430) at the moment as I prefer the larger, nicer, screen and keyboard of the TiBook, though I often end use my tablet for YouTube. The Tibook is fine for general browsing (Facebook, G+, Twitter web etc) using TenFourFox, but YouTube is a bit heavy going for it.  I also find the Powerbook's DVD/CDRW drive useful (My D430 does not have one) for ripping CDs (Yes people do still have those) with X Lossless Decoder which is a very nice ripper similar to Exact Audio Copy on Windows.  I can't decide which I prefer using on my TiBook, Linux or OSX, as they both work well, OSX still has (an old version of) Flash but at least on PowerPC Linux there are proper free Twitter clients like Turpial though Twidget on OSX is useful for quick tweets. Anyway. all the best for the new year, see you on the other side!

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