Tuesday 14 July 2020

Review: Qac Qoc USB C Hub & RJ45, HDMI, Card Reader Adaptor

Unboxing and first impressions

The Qac hub comes packed tightly in it's little box, once I popped it out it feels like quite a premium bit of kit. The main body feels like nice cold aluminium, kind of like Apple's Space Grey I suppose, top and bottom, sandwiching the white plastic RJ45, USB C out at one end and USB C lead input at the other end. The USB lead itself is quite thick, short, and looks reasonably durable.

One side of the hub has 3x USB 3 ports and 1x HDMI. The other side has a full size SDHC slot and a MicroSD slot. All these are labelled underneath.   

I tested it on a Lenovo S340-14 Chromebook, which only has two USB C ports and only has 2 USB A ports, and out through a big 55 inch screen TV. It extended the desktop to the TV straight away, no issues there. The Qac hub is a useful bit of kit to keep in your laptop bag for any laptop that has USB C and is short on ports.

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